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You can order Thompson Drywashers using our handy, secure cart (see button after each model) with a credit card. If you prefer, you can order by mail using the link below. All orders are packaged and shipped promptly, expect 1-2 weeks for delivery.

The mail order form can be printed , then fill-out by hand and mailed to us.

Setup Manual

12 Volt Model

$595 + $75 S/H


extremely quiet

rugged direct drive, 12 volt permanent magnet, high torque variable speed gear motor

no messy fuels needed

battery can be charged with solar panel or vehicle in the field

can be operated as a hand crank model


you must carry the battery (motorcycle battery)

more expensive than hand-crank or leaf-blower models

not as high a material handling output as leaf-blower model

you must purchase battery (~$20)

Setup Manual

Leafblower Model

$395 + $75 S/H


maximum material handling output

least expensive of the three models





noisier than other two models

must carry fuel for leaf blower

you must purchase leaf-blower



Setup Manual

Hand-Crank Model

$470 + $75 S/H


very quiet

no fuel or battery to carry

easily upgradeable to 12 volt model

higher gold recovery due to slower speed


smallest material handling output



12 Volt Motor

To retrofit Hand-Crank Model

$125 + $30 S/H

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