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Howdy...and welcome to my website! I really appreciate your stopping by and if you find anything that I can help you with, please feel free to drop me an email or give me a call (see the Contacts page).

I have been building drywashers since 1998.  I was working in northern Nevada when one of the men I worked with wanted me to go drywashing with him.  I had never used a drywasher before, but looking for gold was not new to me.  I used to spend a lot of time panning and using an underwater dredge around the Sonora, California area.  I  told him that I would like to go drywashing with him.  We went to a wash out in the desert he said had some gold in it.  He had a leaf blower drywasher.  He showed me how to set it up.  We ran it about half a day and I was hooked.

I decided to buy one until I found out how much they cost.  I have always worked with wood and metal, so I checked around and found some plans for a wooden bellows drywasher.  I built one for myself.  There was no crank on it.  I had to work the bellows by hand.  It worked really well.  I found a little bit of gold.  My friend told me that if I put a hand crank on it he would buy one from me.  So I did.  Another guy I worked with wanted one too.  My friend told me that I should make some and sell them.  Thatís how I got started.  I made wooden drywashers for about two years, then I started building them out of aluminum.  I have made many improvements on them since the first one.  I enjoy making them.  I try to sell them at a price people can afford.

Every part on them is hand made by me.  I am retired and this is my hobby.  When Iím working in my shop I lose track of time.  I love it!

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